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B is for Bananarama

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B was not a challenging letter. So many fantastic bands came out of the 80s with the letter B. We had the B-52's, The Bangles, Bad Manners, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar and David Bowie. The mix of music was incredible. There was pop music, funk, rock and roll, and digital music was becoming mainstream. But I had to choose one band to cover the my B topic for the A to Z challenge. So I choose the song that every time I hear it I see a commercial for razors in my head....

That's right... baby she's got it...
Venus by Bananarama


John said...

Love, love, love it! Oh, that was my time!

Julia said...

Popping on to say hello, courtesy of the A to Z challenge, and wanted to say that I love your taste in music! I'm totally a child of the '80's, and have a wall of CD's and a hard drive full of the music to prove it!

Such a great way to celebrate this challenge <3

*~* Julia *~* *~*

Marie Anne said...

Lots of great Bs from the 80s for sure!

Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge, blogging at Ross County Roundup and Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

Whole Foods Living said...

Oh! Fun blog! I love the 80s and many of the bands you named! Now I have "Venus" in my head! Thanks! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,

Theresa Leschmann said...

Fun post!

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