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C is for Crowded House


C was a challenging letter today. The only groups that came to mind when I thought of C were the Clash and the Cure. Both fantastic groups, but not quite what I think of when I think '80s music. A light of inspiration dawned when I started thinking about one hit wonders from that era. Sadly, the '80s had a boat load of bands that made it to the top with one hit and then seemed to disappear from the music world. I don't remember much of Toni Basil after she did "Mickey" or Bow Wow Wow after "I want candy" nor do I know what happened to Alannah Myles after she did "Black Velvet." All fantastic '80s one hit wonders. But none fit the letter C.

Crowded House does though.
Don't Dream It's Over


B is for Bananarama


B was not a challenging letter. So many fantastic bands came out of the 80s with the letter B. We had the B-52's, The Bangles, Bad Manners, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar and David Bowie. The mix of music was incredible. There was pop music, funk, rock and roll, and digital music was becoming mainstream. But I had to choose one band to cover the my B topic for the A to Z challenge. So I choose the song that every time I hear it I see a commercial for razors in my head....

That's right... baby she's got it...
Venus by Bananarama


A is for A-Ha


Happy April!

Today begins the A to Z blogging challenge where bloggers all over the world will write a post for every letter of the alphabet through out the month. The challenge is that the posts must cover your blogs topic. For the She's Listening blog the categories are pretty broad. But a friend challenged me to do the A to Z blog challenge on 80s music. Which leads to...

A is for A-Ha
If you don't know who A-Ha is then you either were not a child of the 80s or you never saw the MTV video for "Take on Me" which mixed animation and live-action. The video was considered cutting-edge and earned the group 6 MTV Music Awards out of the eight it was nominated for in 1986.

Oh now you have an A-Ha moment...
and the song will most definitely be stuck in your head for the night!

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