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It has been quite some time since I updated this blog. A hearty apology to any who might have been following it. I honestly forgot about it. I came across an article about one of my new favorite musical artists and remembered I had this blog which I could write about music on.

Anyway, the article was on Billboard and was on Adele being named Artist of the Year for 2011. I am very pleased about this. I love all kinds of music -rock & roll, reggae, hip hop, jazz, opera, etc. But this year there have been a lot of artists that made me scratch my head. I mean, the music had a beat but didn't really have substance.

Adele's music really threw me for a loop. The first time I heard her song "Rolling in the Deep" I thought she was a black woman. I know that is stereotyping but it doesn't change the fact that I thought she was a black woman with a golden voice. Her voice was like something straight out of the jazz clubs of the 1920s. Or so I believed. So I looked up a video. I was very surprised to hear this throaty, sultry voice come out of a young white woman and British to boot. I was shocked and awed.

Her music has appeal. Not just because you can sing along, but because there is meaning in the words. It isn't f$ck this, f$ck that and other obscenities strung together. There is a story in each of her songs.

Here is one of my favorites:



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